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Multiband from Q Sat Broadband has been developed to deliver disruption tolerant internet access, which is capable of automatically working around access network failures and can rapidly adapt to changing network conditions.

A ground breaking service that delivers a consistent quality single internet connection by combining up to 4 connections to deliver maximum speed, continuity and quality of service.The data is sent over the most uncongested path as it is shared across several subflows.

The fields of application for this innovative solution are endless - from seamless mobile connectivity to quadrupling bandwidth allowing your business to optimise your connections, so you can serve your customers better. Q Sat Multiband can combine any connection types in to one seamless superfast reliable connection. If one connection drops, as Multiband is transparent to your systems and applications, your vital operating functionality such as VPNs, ERP, even VoIP calls, will continue to operate and will not suffer any loss of connectivity with no reconnection required. DSL, Cable, 3G, 4G, Mi-fi can all be combined seamlessly to deliver the best possible speeds and quality connection available, speeding up your ability to get your product to market.

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Getting connected with Q Sat’s 3G Antenna Solution means that when I am in Bantry, West Cork,
      I am now able to engage fully with the rest of the world through email, Facebook, etc.
         without having to travel 2 miles to the nearest hotel or local library to get online.

            I am absolutely delighted with the service offered by Q Sat and the speed of connection is fantastic.
               It has made a big difference to my life!

Dr Brian Kelly, Blackrock, Dublin
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