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  • Specialists in national connectivity
    regardless of fixed line availability
  • Static IP addresses included
  • Site mobility


  • No need for a phone line or 3G/4G
  • Difficult to jam the signal
  • 5x faster than DSL upload speeds
  • Solutions tailored to your needs


  • Our dedicated support team
    available to assist yourself,
    your CCTV installer &
    your monitoring team

The smarter, more secure CCTV solution

An increase in thefts and damage to residential property has led to the development of several security solutions from CCTV monitoring to voice warning devices. The problem for security companies is how to monitor in remote areas and how to prevent jamming and line disconnections in urban areas.

As Satellite is harder to jam/block than most other solutions on the market, it is the ideal technology to offer the security and reliability that a monitoring connection demands. Q Sat CCTV solutions provides you with upload speeds 5X faster than DSL to enable higher resolution footage and you don't need to be within coverage of fixed line or 3G / 4G.

Our strong partnership with Netwatch, the world leader in Asset Protection, is testament to how our product can deliver the robust connectivity that a CCTV requires.


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