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Corporate Solutions

Dedicated and bespoke solutions for medium to large scale deployments.

Q Sat working with its partners can deliver dedicated and tailored solutions for your telecommunications needs. From simple dedicated bandwidth worldwide to full rural off grid cellular sites we have a range of options at competitive price point.

Dedicated Bandwidth

  • iDirect Evolution Platform
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • iQOS andTransec Encryption

Cellular Backhaul

  • Worldwide Coverage
  • iQOS andTransec Encryption
  • High Datarates

Lite-Sites ™

  • AltoBridge2G/3G Lite-Site ™
  • Zero Capex Options
  • On/Off Grid Capable


  • 24x7x365 NOC
  • Full Solution Provider
  • Worldwide Coverage
Ka-Band - the next generation of satellite technology

The increasing use of Ka-band satellites is a direct result of the industry’s need to provide more satellite capacity at a lower cost.

Traditionally, the VSAT market has relied on C-band and Ku-band capacity. However, there are a limited number of geosynchronous orbital slots that can be used for a given frequency band, and almost all orbital slots are accounted for with current and planned C and Ku-band satellites. This has led to the emerging use of Ka-band satellites: since the frequencies used are different and don’t interfere with current capacity, they can be positioned at the same orbital slots as C and Ku-band satellites.

Cellular Lite Sites ™

Across the globe more than a billion people live without access to basic telephony. A major challenge for mobile operators and vendors has been making 2G GSM services financially viable for small remote communities.  This challenge has been even more challenging for bandwidth hungry data based 3G and 4G services. 

Nonetheless, the effect of 3G/4G broadband in accelerating economic growth has been greater in less developed countries like those in sub-Saharan Africa than in more developed countries.  Broadband has also been shown to be not solely a consequence of economic development but indeed a cause accelerating economic growth by 1.38% with every 10% increase in broadband penetration. The socio-economic benefits of providing broadband through satellites in rural areas include helping to redress the urban/rural divide in broadband access, and the implications for economic growth associated with broadband.

In remote and isolated regions of the globe, thousands of remote enterprise sites exist for which, like village scenarios, cost-effective wireless solutions have so far been unavailable. Enterprise groups, such as medical stations, oil rigs, mines, or logging camps, all require a cost-effective means of communicating across their own campuses and with the outside world.

The purpose of the QSAT solution is to connect the unconnected; to bring voice and data services to those rural communities who currently have no means of communicating to the world outside of their immediate communities. 

Historically, the provision of such services has been prohibitive due to the requirement for laying expensive fibre cabling.  However, recent advancements in satellite technology coupled with the availability of lower cost Ka band satellite bandwidth has dramatically changed the viability of the business case for providing such services to rural communities.  The QSAT turnkey solution is a low CAPEX, low OPEX solution specifically designed for rural connectivity. The solution is 100% solar powered as the target sites are typically outside the power grid.

The system has been designed with transportability and ease of on-site assembly in mind. All of the required equipment can be transported using a 4X4 vehicle should the terrain to access the site require this. A 12 metre antenna pole is used instead of a traditional large lattice tower structure, and the entire installation, commissioning, and user acceptance process takes only a few days to complete.


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