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Q Phone FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Q Phone

How much will I save a month?

As our call costs are up to 90% cheaper than Eircom… expect to make considerable savings!

How much is the line rental charge?

Line Rental costs €24.99 (incl. VAT) per month

Do you have any offers for existing customers?

If you are a current customer, if you sign up to a new 12 month contract for your internet service you will receive a €5 discount on your monthly internet fee.

How long will the changeover take?

The changeover will be processed as soon as possible but can take up to five days.

Will I experience any disruption to my service during?

No, the changeover is seamless.

Will I need to contact my current provider to process the changeover?

No, once we send the changeover request your current provider will contact you to ensure we have your permission.

Will I need to purchase a new phone?

No, there is no need to purchase a new phone.

Will I need to change my number?

No, your landline number will stay the same.

Will an engineer need to visit to complete the changeover?

If the installed line is in working order there is no need for an engineer to visit, the changeover will be completed remotely. If there is no line in place or if there is a fault in the existing line, an engineer visit will be required. An Eircom Engineer visit to install a new line will incur a cost of €150.

Will any additional services I have (Call Barring, Call Forwarding) transfer or will I need to set them up again?

Any ancillary services you have will remain in place.

How and when will I receive my bill?

You will receive a monthly bill detailing the previous months call charges and the next month’s line rental fee. This means that you will be billed for your calls in arrears and for your line rental in advance.

Will I receive an itemised bill?

Your bill will be itemised with a breakdown of all call charges

When will I receive my last bill from my current provider?

Typically you will receive your final bill from your current provider 30 days after the changeover date with charges up until the changeover date.

Why would I switch providers?

  • To save money on your bills
  • Avail of amazing value bundles
  • No call set up fees
  • Have one bill for broadband & phone
  • An Irish call centre
  • Support an Irish company
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