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Frequently Asked Questions for current customers

Where can I find your Data protection / Privacy policy?

You can find our policy HERE. You can also download it in PDF format HERE. If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to give us a call.

Can I get a copy of your Fair Access Policy?

Yes you can, you can download it HERE

What times are Q Sat Care agents available to help me?

Our team are available from 9am - 7pm Monday and Thursday. 9am – 6pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and also 10am-2pm on Saturdays and Bank Holidays. Outside of these hours, please leave a message and one of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Is my satellite broadband modem wireless?

No, the modem we provide is not wireless. But the good news is we offer wireless routers and if you purchase your router from us when signing up, our installer will set it up for you. This will allow you to connect your laptop or other devices such as smart phones to the internet wirelessly.

Is there a speed test compatible with satellite internet?

Yes. http://portal.qsat.ie/speedtest is designed for satellite

How do I check to see how much of my allowance I have left?

You can check this by going to http://portal.qsat.ie

The speed is different in your speed test when I compare the results to other speed tests

Other speed-test websites do not possess the correct parameters, as they are designed to measure fixed line broadband connections rather than satellite, and may give you incorrect results.

Can my satellite broadband work with a monitored alarm?

There are hundreds of types of alarm systems in use around Ireland. Please check with your alarm monitoring company and your insurance company before cancelling your existing service or your landline. Q Sat offer CCTV packages and partner with Netwatch, a world leader in security and would be happy to advise on how a satellite connection can provide security and peace of mind.

What are the correct settings to use if I want to transfer files via FTP?

We recommend using passive FTP settings over a satellite connection.

How do I set up port forwarding through my modem?

Please call us to help you do this remotely, on 021 202 92 42.

Will the CCTV iPhone app work with Q Sat and how much of my data will it consume?

Some CCTV companies offer their customers a CCTV streaming iPhone/Android app that will allow them to view their cameras from outside their house/business premises. While this is an excellent way to keep an eye on your property, it can pose problems if the app is left streaming footage for too long. If you use one of these CCTV streaming apps on your handheld device, we would recommend that you ensure the app is actually shut down when you have finished with it and that it is not just minimised. This will save you from exceeding your allowance with Q Sat and your mobile operator. If you have any questions regarding this please call our support team on 021 202 92 42.

What is the username and password for the Hughes modem?

As your modem draws its configuration from our network, there are no customer customisable settings inside your modem. However, if you need something please call us on 021 202 92 42.

Can the service be affected by bad weather?

Our service uses cutting edge KA Band technology, allowing it to adapt to almost all types of inclement weather. However, very severe weather such as very severe winds or snow may have an effect on the service. If you ever experience signal issues, please contact us on 021 202 92 42.

What happens if a fault develops with the hardware?

If you feel a fault has developed on any hardware provided by us, please feel free to contact our technical support team on 021 202 92 42 where we can help identify the problem.

If I require an upgrade to my package does that mean that I have to wait for an engineer’s visit?

Not at all, we can do all of that remotely.

How often can I change my residential package?

If you change your residential package, you must keep the new package for at least one month before you can change again. Apart from that, there are no restrictions.

Can I access the RTÉ Player?

Yes, we provide you with an Irish IP address, allowing you to access RTE’s content. Please be aware that continual viewing of online videos may use up your data allowance relatively quickly. If this is the case, we would recommend upgrading to a higher package which offers a greater monthly data allowance.

Is the service suitable for streaming online videos?

You can stream online videos but be aware that continual viewing of online videos may use up your data allowance relatively quickly. If this is the case, we would recommend upgrading to a higher package which offers a greater monthly data allowance.

Can you provide me with reverse DNS?

Unfortunately we cannot provide this functionality to our customers.

My TV provider wants to send me an 'On Demand' box, will this work on my Q Sat connection?

Unfortunately on demand services provided by TV providers require a low latency & high data allowance connection. If you were to use this device over any satellite connection, you could find that your data allowance limit may be exceeded very quickly. If you are in doubt or have any questions, please feel free to call our support team.

Will my VPN (Virtual Private Network) work on the Q Sat connection?

Yes, your VPN should work over a Q Sat connection, however as there are various VPNs please contact us if you need assistance, on 021 202 92 42 as our technical support agents are happy to help. We would recommend one of our business packages if you regularly work from home.

My emails are not sending. How do I fix this?

Firstly, ensure the outgoing SMTP server is set to smtp.qsat.ie and secondly ensure the SMTP port is set to 25. Once you have these 2 settings entered correctly your emails should send as long as the username and password you have entered is correct.

What is latency , and is it an issue?

Because our satellite is orbiting 22,000 miles ( or 36,000 kilometres) above the Earth there is a slight delay in the signals from Earth to the satellite and back again, due to the distance and the speed of light. This will affect interactive gaming and introduces a small delay for VoIP and when a website downloads. We use compression and other technology to speed up the overall web page loading times. The average latency is 300-400 milliseconds*. *Please note this is one way only.

Can I use VoIP?

Because our satellite is orbiting 22,000 miles (or 36,000 kilometres) above the Earth, there is a slight delay in the signals from Earth to the satellite and back again, due to the distance and the speed of light – this is called latency. This introduces a small delay for Skype and other Voice over IP networks. You will have a better VoIP experience during off peak hours, so- for example – we recommend you VoIP someone in Australia in the morning Irish time / evening Australia time. Please also note that we have no control over any 3rd party network or technology so if there is a problem with VoIP connectivity or voice quality problems outside of our control, you’ll understand that it’s not a problem we can fix for you.

    What is peak time?

    The best way to think of peak time is like rush hour traffic… peak time occurs when there is a surge of people accessing the internet at the same time. This usually happens in the evenings when people are home after work and school, and happens on all broadband networks.
    During peak time, speeds decrease, depending on the number of people using the service across Ireland. Our fair usage policy is designed to give every customer an equitable service.

    Q Sat working with our partners continuously monitor the network to maximise it performance for you.

    I forgot my Wi-Fi password. What can I do?

    If you have forgotten the password on your router you can reset the router by pressing the small reset button on the back with a pen and holding it down for roughly 10 seconds. Once the lights go off – release the button. Your router has now been reset and there is no longer a password on its wireless network. We do recommend that you set up a new password by typing into your browsers address bar. You will see a box appear asking for credentials. The routers username is admin and password is admin. Once you have logged in click on the wireless tab on the left hand side and click on wireless security. You can choose your password type on this screen. We recommend WPA encryption as it is more secure than WEP. Once you have followed the on screen instructions please reboot the router and you should then have a password secured wireless network.

    How do I upgrade to a higher data allowance?

    If you would like to upgrade to a package that better suits your usage needs we recommend you call us today on 021 202 92 42. One of our representatives will be happy to talk to you about your options and help you to find a package that suits you. You can browse what we have on offer here. Alternatively you can arrange for an agent to call you back.

    The LAN light is turned off on my modem and I am not able to get online

    When the LAN light is turned on – it means that your Q Sat (Hughes) modem can see your computer and is able to communicate with it.
    If the light is off it is usually because of one of the following reasons:
    The cable between the modem and your computer is unplugged
    The cable between the modem and your computer is damaged or faulty (Try a new cable)
    Your computer is turned off
    Your computer has not got network drivers installed. (You should contact the computer manufacturer)
    The network card on your computer is faulty. (You should contact the computer manufacturer)

    My modem has no power, what can I do?

    Step one: Ensure it is plugged in using the correct power supply
    Step two: Try a different wall socket (with and without an extension lead if you have one)
    Step three: Ensure there are no power issues in your house
    If the above steps fail – Your modem might have an issue. Please call our technical support line on 021 202 92 42

    The system, receive and/or transmit lights on my modem are off and I am not online

    This means your modem is having an issue connection with the satellite. There are certain steps you can take to try resolve this issue.
    Step 1: Reboot the modem by unplugging it from the power socket on the wall. Then wait 10 seconds and plug it back in again.
    Step 1: Ensure the cables going into the back of your modem from the dish are screwed on tight and the cables are not damaged or loose.
    Step 2: Follow the cable along the walls to the outside of your house and inspect them for damage (including cracking, snags, very sharp corners etc)
    Step 3: Look up at the dish. Do you see any damage or movement? If may have been moved by very strong wind or has been hit with a football etc.
    Step 4: Check to see if there are any obstructions. There may be trees in the way or there might be a van or truck parked in the dish’s line of sight
    Step 5: After checking all of the above, reboot the modem again by unplugging it from the power socket on the wall. Then wait 10 seconds and plug it back in again.
    If none of the above worked, please call our technical support team on 021 202 92 42

    Do you provide Wi-Fi routers?

    Yes, we offer an entry level wireless router for only €29.99 and a higher power model with greater range. You can see our routers here in our online shop.
    This will allow you to connect your laptop or other devices such as smart phones to the internet wirelessly from anywhere in the house*.
    *Please note that this is an entry level wireless router with a basic transmit power. We can only guarantee the wireless signal in the same room that the router is installed in. The wireless signal may reach beyond this depending on the building materials used in the construction of the house and depending on wireless interference from other devices you may have in your house. Typically a wireless router (from a downstairs location) can provide coverage to a 3 bedroomed semi detached house. If your house is larger than this we recommend you purchase a router designed for your house size. These can be bought online or in most electrical retail shops.

    My Wi-Fi signal isn’t very strong / it doesn’t broadcast very far. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

    Try repositioning the router to another location and ensure the aerial is screwed in and in an upright position on the back of the router.
    Purchase wireless access points or wireless repeaters (These act as a chain to extend your wireless signal around the house) – They can be bought in all good computer shops.
    Purchase a stronger router. Wireless-N routers are stronger than Wireless-G routers and they broadcast longer distances as long as you have wireless-N compatible laptop.

    How do I connect my other devices to my wireless network, such as smart televisions, tablets and mobile phones?

    We would recommend going to the website of your device manufacturer to view their helpful setup guides. If you have any problems please feel free to call us on 021 202 92 42.

    How can I get the best experience on the internet on my PC/laptop?

    At Q Sat, we want our customers to have the best browsing experience possible when using our service. Please CLICK HERE to find tips that can help you get the best experience of the internet on your PC/laptop.

    What is attenuation and will it affect my service?

    Fortunately Q Sat Broadband does not suffer from this at all.
    Attenuation affects all broadband services delivered over the telephone line such as services offered by Eircom or by resellers of the Eircom service like BT, Smart Telecom, Perlico, Vodafone etc.
    Here’s our best way of explaining it: When an exchange in a rural town is enabled for broadband we know from the laws of physics that the broadband service should be available for a radius of about 5km from the exchange. We say “about” as it has not been seen to be an exact science. It could happen that, due to the quality of the copper wire underground the service can only be delivered up to 4km. It is here that the attenuation occurs and it all depends on the quality of the copper. As the radius increases from the exchange outward the quality of service drops to the extent that a speed capability of say 3mbps beside the exchange could drop to 2.5mbps at a distance of 2km. from the exchange and 2mbps at a distance of 3km. and so on and so on depending on the quality of the copper.
    We could go on but all you really need to know is that it’s not a problem with Q Sat.

    Can I get an answer to a question not covered here?

    Yes of course you can. If you call 1890 99 88 33 a representative would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

    Can I get a copy of your Terms and Conditions?

    Yes of course you can. You can download it here.

    How do I set up my TP-Link router?

    In order to set up your TP-Link wireless router, please follow these simple steps:

    • On the back of the router there are 4 ports – These will be covered by a sticker. Please remove the sticker before proceeding.
    • Plug the router into the power supply and press the power button on the back of the router to turn it on.
    • Plug the Ethernet cable from your Q Sat modem into the Blue port on the back of the router and plug the Ethernet cable (the cable supplied with the wireless router) into your computer using port 1 on the back of the wireless router. The Ethernet cable looks like a phone cable with a larger connector at both ends.
    • Open your internet browser and type in the address bar and press “Enter” – A box will appear asking you for a username and password. The username is: admin and the password is: admin (If you do not see a box asking for credentials please disconnect the router from the modem and type “″. Once you enter the username and password you should re-connect your Q Sat modem to the router again)
    • Click on “wireless“. This is located in the menu on the left side of the page.
    • Change the “SSID” to the preferred name of your new network. Some examples are “Family wireless” or “Donegal Wi-Fi” etc… Never use any personal details as this is visible to the public.
    • Change the region to “Ireland” and then click save at the bottom of the page.
    • Click on “Wireless security” – This is located under “wireless” on the menu on the left of the page.
    • Select “WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK Personal” and enter your preferred password in the “PSK Password:” box. The password must be above 8 letters or numbers in length.
    • Click “Save“.
    • Finally, Click the reboot button above “save” and your router will automatically reboot.

    And that’s it! Just disconnect the cable between the router and your computer and connect to the new wireless network!

    If you have any difficulties in setting your router up, please feel free to call us on 021 202 92 42. Thank you.

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