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Interested in Q Sat but have a few questions?

Can I get Q Sat where I live?

Can you see the sky? As our broadband is provided via satellite,when we say we have COMPLETE NATIONWIDE COVERAGE, we actually mean it.  It does not matter how far from the exchange you are, whether you have a landline or that other providers have not been able to help. As long as we can get clear line of sight to our satellite from your property, we will be delighted to get you connected.

How do I know if Q Sat’s satellite products are suitable for me?

If you live in rural Ireland, and you don’t have access to fibre broadband or a good 3G/4G service, Q Sat Broadband is suitable for you. Lots of our customers have had no previous access to broadband. ‘Line of sight to the satellite is required’, but this is rarely an issue – can you see the sky! Our engineers will confirm this before any installation is made.

How does it actually work?

Our professional accredited installers will visit your property, they will conduct a signal test to determine the best location for the dish. They will then attach the dish and run a cable inside the property which will attach to a modem indoors. This can then be connected to a wireless router to provide Wi-Fi if you wish.

What are the advantages to me?

You’ll be surprised how many things or services are being moved or are now most easily accessible online. As banks in rural areas close, often the quickest and easiest way to manage your bank account is online. A lot of government services, car tax and driving licence renewal, self-assessed income tax returns etc. are now designed to be completed online. Broadband is now seen as less of a luxury and more of a utility.

Can I afford to have broadband?

Can you afford not to have broadband? Research shows that many of the best cost savings on insurance, flights, financial services are now only available online. The average family saves €700 each year by using the internet to take advantage of online discounts, use comparison sites to deliver cost savings and avoiding unnecessary travel. And that is just the financial saving…think of how much time you save….the days of lengthy queues at the motor tax office to renew your car tax are history…enter your unique pin, process payment and your tax disc will be posted to your home address within days. Easy!

“One of the Internet's strengths is its ability to help consumers find the right needle in a digital haystack of data.”
                  -Jared Sandberg

Where can I find your Data protection / Privacy policy?

You can find our policy HERE. You can also download it in PDF format HERE. If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to give us a call.

What happens if I am not happy with the service?
Do I need a landline?

No, you do not need a landline to enjoy Q Sat Broadband. It is a bi-directional satellite system therefore independent of phone lines.

How do I know what package would suit my needs?

We would suggest starting on our Essentials package and as we do not charge any fees for upgrading or downgrading, we are more than happy to work with you to find out what package suits you.

If I require an upgrade or downgrade to my package does that mean that I have to wait for an engineer’s visit?

Not at all, we can do all of that remotely.

What is Q Sat Broadband?

Q Sat Broadband is an Irish company providing satellite broadband to households and businesses across Ireland and the UK, particularly in rural and remote locations. Launched in August 2011, Q Sat provides broadband services using the latest satellite technology.

What do I pay for the broadband service?

Our recommended package for first time user is “Essentials” broadband product costs €34.99 per month. This package will give you a data allowance of 6GB per month.

How long do I have to wait before being installed?

Not long! We aim to have you installed within 7 working days from the date your order is processed.

How long does the installation take on the day?

The average installation time is about 2 hours.

Can I arrange a particular time of the day for installation?

We will try to accommodate all reasonable requests

Can I get a copy of your Terms and Conditions?

Yes of course you can. You can download it here.

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