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Anti Virus Software

Don't have Anti-Virus software?  STOP!

Access to the internet is now every much part of our everyday lives from PCs and laptops to mobile devices the internet is everywhere. However this level of connectivity makes it possible for a new virus to spread around the globe in a matter of hours. A computer virus can be highly visible in the form of wiping out everything on your system to much more discreet forms that use your connection to launch attacks on corporations or governments and in the process slowing your browsing experience to a crawl.

Don't be fooled by urban myths like "Apple doesn't get viruses" or "I only visit reputable sites", there are viruses for Apple's Operating systems and you don't need to have visited a disreputable site to be attacked by a virus.

At the very least you need to do the following to help protect your system:

  • Make sure your windows operating system is up to date; some people permanently turn off windows updates, which isn't a good idea, Microsoft regularly releases updates to close off any security vulnerabilities and weaknesses in their systems. Make sure your system gets updated and schedule it for updating overnight if you have our Nightsaver package.
  • Anti-Virus software is probably one of the most important pieces of software on your system. The software costs about €30-40 per year and helps to protect your PC from attacks via websites, downloads and emails etc. Every device needs protecting, even Apple MACs.
  • Make sure your browser is the latest version, PLEASE, PLEASE stop using Internet Explorer 6 and you should upgrade if also using 7 or 8.

Q Sat doesn't recommend, test, warrant or support any particular brand of Anti-Virus software, on the above right you can see a Google advert which usually contains adverts for different brands of Anti-Virus software. You're free to do as you wish with those adverts.

As with any purchase we do advise to shop around as prices vary widely. It is important to sum up the actual cost of ownership. Unlike other forms of software, antivirus software must be continually updated to remain effective. Additionally, new versions should be purchased annually to maintain the highest level of protection. Depending on your personal requirements you may also wish to choose virus software that offers extra protection for email, instant messaging software, or file-sharing applications.

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