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Parental Control

Want to control when your children go online?

If you have a TP-Link router from Q Sat this guide can help you to control your childrens' access to the internet, restrict some websites and limit the time of surfing. As these rules are set on the router it can be applied to laptops, PC and smart phones using WiFi.

Step 1

To login to your routers configuration page open your web browser and type the LAN IP address of the router or http://tplinklogin.net in the address bar (the default IP address of TP-LINK routers is or, then press Enter.

When you are prompted, enter the router´s username and password (the default username and password are both admin). If you cannot open this page, the password may have been changed, please contact our customer care department.

Step 2

On the left-side menu, click Parental control to open settings page. Select Enable and input the MAC address of parental PC on this page.

Note: If you want to set the current PC as the parental PC, please click Copy To Above button to add this PC´s MAC Address to the above Parental PC field automatically. Click Save to save the settings

Step 3

Press Add new button on the bottom to create a new rule.

Step 4

Parental Control setting consists of three main steps, see as follows.

Step 5

Press the red option Time settings button to set the time of router. This link will transfer you to the Time settings page. You can set time manually or acquire time from an NTP server or Internet automatically.

Note: This page helps you to set Daylight Saving time, please set it according to your local regulation. Click Save to save the settings. And then please go back to the previous page.

Step 6

Press the red option Schedule button to set the schedule of router. This link will transfer you to the Schedule Settings page. Schedules are set for you to control the time of surfing.

Click Save to save the settings, and then the following page will appear. You can set several different Schedules for choice.

Step 7

Please go back to this page and finish the third step, and then check Enable to make all the settings take effect. You can choose the Schedule which you have already set or choose Anytime (we choose test schedule 1 here). If you are not sure about what these items mean, please refer to the comments on the right side of router´s page.

Note: If child PC is in current Lan, you can find MAC address of child PC on the drop-down list of All MAC Address In Current Lan, click it, then it will be filled to the Child PC field automatically.

Click Save to save the settings. Then you will go back to the Parental Control Settings page and see the following list.

Child PC whose MAC address is E0-CB-4E-5D-DE-C9 can only use the internet from 17:30 to 20:30 in the work days, and visit the mere 3 websites Google, yahoo and BBC.

If you want to control internet activities of other computers, please click Add New button to add new rules.

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